Ferdinand Engelbeen Ferdinand Engelbeen

A short Curriculum Vitae

Born on 15-9-1943 near Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium). 

After Technical Highschool, obtained a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Chemistry at the Institute of Technology in Antwerp in 1965.

Was three years sailor (engine room), principally instead of military service and to see something of the world.

After a two-years intermezzo in a Cola bottlery, starting a carrier as Process Engineer in 1970 in the Akzo Nobel Synthetic Resins plant at Bergen-op-Zoom, The Netherlands (50.000 tpa raw materials for paints and inks).
In 1980 changed the interests, later the job, towards the then rapid growing possibilities of process automation, first on laboratory scale. The first batch plant process line was automated in 1984. In 1988 shifted to the Akzo Nobel plants in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, producing 325.000 tpa of chlorine, 500.000 tpa VCM (monomer for PVC) and 20.000 tpa chlorinated herbicides. Until 30 September 2004 working as Senior Project Engineer Process Automation, a M.Sc. job. Retired since 1 October 2004, and enjoying (too) many hobby's...

Interested in all kinds of science and techniques, from biochemistry to electronics and anything from nature. In the past years more and more interested in climate change matters. Former chairman of the Chlorophiles (organisation of workers in the chlorine and PVC industry, ceased operation in 2006). Was many years member of an organic growers association (VELT). Have been active in politics (several actions in the past against wild urbanising plans of valuable nature, and the split-up of Belgium from an unitarian state into a federation), was active in social associations and the municipal council for development of the third world (GROS - actions to bring money together for non governemental organisations which have projects in the third world).

Over 40 years married with Rita De Meyer, born 30 June, 1946, retired director of an elementary school. Two daughters: Greet, born 5 January, 1971, now a teacher English, geography and Latin in Ekeren and Ann, born 20 October,1973, a graduated geologist, specialised in marine seismics. Has finished a Ph.D. work in a team, commissioned by the UN, to find methods for the detection (and destruction) of personal mines, used in countries like Angola, Cambodia and Bosnia. After that, she learned to fly helicopter in Mississippi, USA. After being flight instructor in Mississippi and South Alaska (near Anchorage),  co-pilot in North Alaska (supplies and passenger traffic for oil exploration) and Qatar, now working as Chief Pilot in Nigeria.

Created: 8 March, 2005.
Last update: 21 February, 2014.

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